Welcome to the delicious world of Kilo-Beaux Gateaux!

KILO-BEAUX GATEAUX is a manufacturer of quality desserts specializing in cakes, cheesecakes, pies and individual desserts. Our dessert making story began a little over 30 years ago. Sharing a similar passion for cakes, both companies had humble beginnings but quickly gained local recognition by creating the best, most decadent desserts around. Many of these original and unique cakes are still being made today handcrafted by our skilled team of pastry experts.

Now working under one roof, we’ve grown into one of the most beloved and respected dessert manufacturers around. Servicing various clients including restaurants, hotels, caterers, retail establishments and distributors across Canada.

Our company commitment is simple:

To exceed customer expectations by anticipating their needs, the use of quality ingredients and providing impeccable customer service. We love our cakes and you’ll surely love them too!